Fact #1

You know upfront what you’ll pay to file with TaxAct

Though TaxAct is free for many tax filers, others pay for specific services.  That’s why we don’t emphasize “free” offers in our marketing – we are clear and transparent about pricing so that you know right from the start if, and what, you’ll pay.

Fact #2

There is no charge for TaxAct phone support.

We all need a little help from time to time – certainly when it comes to our taxes.  You will never pay a fee for phone support – with TaxAct, it’s always free.

Fact #3

Access your prior returns with TaxAct, free of charge.

There are many reasons you may need prior-year tax information, such as applying for a loan, a mortgage or student financial aid. We’re here to help – access up to seven years of your prior year tax information anytime, free of charge.